Mandy Lee Spivey

New Etsy Shop, New Lease on Life!


Hey everybody, long time no see! Like a bear slowly awakening after a slumber, I am finally beginning to get the energy to create and get out and about again. Texas summers can be brutal, y’all, and when the weather gets below 90 degrees for the first time in 3 months, I am literally skipping in the streets.

So back to the grind, which isn’t really a grind but more of a fun colorful mish-mash of projects that have been sitting on the back burner. I promised them I would be back!

My first task was to launch my second fledgling Etsy store, CrystalFruits, this week and have a handful of my wearable ceramic pieces uploaded. We’re talking pineapples, bananas, watermelons- the works!

I have been working on a lot of the branding and administrative aspects to selling these cuties, which I must admit is quite the departure from felt banners but also just as colorful and fun.

Take a look around if you get a moment, I am super proud of my glittering little fruit necklaces, and check back soon for more!


Let’s Get Greasy

Hey dudes and dudettes, how have you been?

Life is good here in Tastefully Mismatched Land. I’ve been a busy little maker this month, expanding my line of banners a bit and drifting more into making objects, namely food.

And I started with my favorite of all foody things, junk food! From pizza to soda, candy bars to pop tarts, I am making all of the tasty things into a form of home decor for you to take home with you! Right now I have several in stock: High School Lunch, Fat Boy, Junk Food Queen and Junk Food!

Be sure to stop by my etsy store soon to see what else I’m cooking up!

Marfa and Fort Davis (In Pictures)

And…we’re back!

Back to life, work and crafty things. This Monday Jake and I took a whirlwind trip out to West Texas to visit two of our favorite places, namely Marfa and Fort Davis. We called it Romance Trip 2014, because, hey, we all need a little getaway now and then!

We arrived in Marfa after a sunny 7 hour drive. Our first stop was El Cosmico, our landing spot and home for the night. We rented the Little Pinky, a smaller trailer they have on-hand but a lovely and quaint little abode nonetheless. The wind was warm, our minds were free and the desert was awake with the colors of Spring. Blue Agave plants and Mexican Yucca trees peppered the golden plains of the harsh dry lands that surrounded our camp.

Since we were visiting on Monday, the town was as sleepy as the stores were closed. We planned for this; with plenty of food, books and music on standby, we were lounging in Marfa style in no time. And we saw the Marfa lights!


When it was time to mosey out Tuesday morning, we knew we were in for some amazing mountain sightings as we drove to the Indian Lodges in Fort Davis. The Davis Mountains are some of the most pristine and untouched landscapes in Texas, and it’s always a treat to make it out and spend the day in nature at Davis Mountain State Park.


The sunset from the top of the mountains is something you have to see to believe. The view was crystal clear for miles, and as we anticipated the setting sun, Jake got down on one knee (or rather, fell down) and popped the question! You guys, I’m engaged!


I’m super thrilled and just really ecstatic that my fiend knows me so well and even got me a conflict-free ring!


And that pretty much wrapped up Romance Trip 2014! After a long drive back I had ceramics class to focus on. Now we’re back in the groove at home, I’m putting the finishing touches on my new banners for RE:make this weekend at the Palmer Events Center in Austin. It’s free and is open from 10-6 pm Saturday and Sunday, with tons of goodies from crafters and makers alike. Stop by if you can! I’ll have custom order forms for buyers interested in making their own banners, as well!

See you guys then!

West Elm Local Recap and a Giveaway!



Hey all, how are things? I’m back in town, ready to work, and have been up to my elbows in creative things all week. This past weekend was my trip up to Dallas to visit the fam and to party at West Elm Dallas for their opening of West Elm Local. I had been asked to be a part of this earlier this year and it was such an awesome experience being able to chat with other amazing makers and learn a bit about them in the process. I am still buzzing from all of the good things I felt that night. Big thanks to the team behind West Elm Dallas! Thanks Samuel!


On another note, over at the website Happy Confetti, I donated a banner to their fun and fox-themed giveaway, happening this week. It goes from today until April 12 and the winner will be chosen at random on April 13! Just repost this pic with the hastag #foxandarrow for your chance to win these cuties!

Now it’s time to focus on getting ready for the big Re:Make show at the Palmer Events Center in Austin May 3 & 4! So many banners, so little time!

Birthdays Rule


 Woo! What a week, what a week. SXSW is still blowing up downtown Austin, I’ve been shipping out a ton of custom orders and hosting my sister and her pal. It’s been a blast!

Becky and Remy came to town Monday and we got to chill and eat pizza, which is always a good time in my book. Tuesday we tried to visit Hamilton Pool but got turned away by the Park Ranger because it was full and no one was leaving. Damn Southby crowds. Agh. So we high-tailed it to Krause Springs, which is better anyway. A little sunburn later, we were downtown again drinking margaritas at the outdoor stage at Guerro’s on South Congress. You always end up there when you’re hosting people from out of town but it’s usually a good time. We tried a great Italian gelato place on South First that was really super, too.


My birthday was Wednesday! Jake and the girls surprised me with gifts and flowers, then we all went to get tons of birthday donuts at Angel Donuts and just gorged. Later we went downtown to visit my absolute favorite store, Olive, for their SXSW luau party. A few Mai Tais later, we were ready for our dinner at Qui. It’s a place that we have really been eager to try but haven’t been able to get into, so this must have been some kind of crazy birthday miracle, because we got in. Needless to say, I am sold on the Filipino bistro style, wholeheartedly. Chef Qui is a genius!


In other news, my first ceramics class finished up and I have about 17 pieces I made, plus a handful of beads. I consider it a success and signed up for another class. This time around I’m getting crazy- making plates, an ashtray for my dad, more beads, ceramic bangles (hopefully!), and more tiny fruit sculptures. I am really taking ideas and just going with it. I really wish I could do this more often than 3 hours a week ‘cause it’s really exciting just seeing what you can do on a wheel and with a few glazes. Check out my mini pineapple sculpture!

And! We are already planning a trip out to Marfa and Fort Davis next month before it gets too hot in West Texas. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. April 3rd in Dallas is my West Elm Local party and I’m really excited (and nervous!) about it! It will be an RSVP thing, and I would love to have friends go, so as soon as I know the deets I will post them here. See ya soon!

Hey World!


Life! Wow! How it catches up with you, pulls you in different directions, tells you where to go next.

I’m up to my ears in felt banner projects and writing assignments, but I can’t complain. I’ve had some really productive crafting sessions lately, creating these little mini donut brooches in the process! These cuties are about 1.5” in diameter and are ready to pin! $10 a piece and I take paypal! I can ship to you as well! Please comment if you want one and I can let you know what’s in stock.

In other news, I have had the opportunity to sell a handful of my goodies and banners in West Elm as a part of their West Elm Local program. So far, I am looking forward to a big product launch this next month at West Elm Dallas, with the opening party happening April 6, if you want to go! Will be posting RSVP deets here as soon as I get them.

Next week is spring break, my birthday, and SXSW. It’s going to be one wild ride!

New Year, New Goals, New Outlook


Boy it’s been a while. I’ll take responsibility for that one. But after the first of the year, I have really hit the ground running, and have been doing a lot with the etsy store and my freelancing projects. Lots of writing and creating and working, in other words. Hey, I can’t complain!


In other news, my banners are in the Paper Party pop up shop that is going on now in Austin at MASSgallery on the East side. I got to go to the David Prince art opening last Friday night and the store was colorful and awesome already. Stop by a snag a Whatever Dude banner while you can!


And I have some new projects up on the horizon. Perhaps my banners will start popping up in more local stores. I can’t wait!

New Life Developments:

-Etsy store is blowing up

-Writing local pieces for Lake Travis Lifestyle

-Drinking beers with local brewers

-Making banners like it’s nobody’s business

Free Shipping for the Holidays

Hey everybody, I am just popping in to let you know we are doing free shipping on all orders in the U.S. over $25 this holiday season! Enter code FREESHIPPINGYAY at check out!


Felt bizzy card holders


New felt business card holders in my etsy shop!